As of the writing of this, the Sixers are third in the Eastern conference. However, I do not think the Sixers will be able to compete with the Bucks or Celtics. I feel like they need more 3 point shooting(27th in makes), and some more rebounding(14th place). Getting someone to help out on both these categories would help take the load off Joel Embiid in terms of rebounding and defending the paint. These are some trade scenarios I have come up with.

Lauri Markannen

Jazz get:

  • Marcus Morris Sr.
  • 2028 Unprotected First Round Pick(via the Clippers)
  • 2029 First Round Swap with the Clippers

Sixers get:

  • Lauri Markannen

Lauri Markannen averages 8.7 boards, helping to boost the mediocre rebounding numbers, and makes 3 3-pointers per game(with 39% accuracy).

Karl-Anthony Towns

Timberwolves get:

  • Marcus Morris Sr.
  • Nic Batum
  • Furkan Korkmaz
  • 2028 Clippers Unprotected

Sixers get:

  • Karl-Anthony Towns

Karl-Anthony Towns grabs 8.8 rebounds per night, significantly boosting the team’s rebounding numbers. Also, he makes 2 3-pointers a game with 43% accuracy.

Tim Hardaway Jr.

Mavericks get:

  • Marcus Morris Sr.
  • 2028 Philadelphia Second Round Pick

Sixers get:

  • Tim Hardaway Jr.

While this trade doesn’t help out much on rebounding, it certainly helps out on shooting. He makes 3 3-pointers a night on 36% from behind the arc.

Grayson Allen

Suns get:

  • Paul Reed
  • 2028 Clippers Unprotected First

Sixers get:

  • Grayson Allen

This will significantly improve the Sixer’s 3-point shooting by adding a member of the 50-40-90 club(as of the time of writing this) to the roster. He can also get (some) rebounds, bringing down 4 per game.


Whatever happens, I hope the Sixers at least make a move before the deadline. I haven’t really heard their names in trade rumors much, which scares me. If Daryl Morey thinks the Sixers can win it all with this roster, he thinks wrong. They may be able to beat the Bucks in the playoffs if they flame out in Doc Rivers fashion, but they won’t get past Boston. Also, if he thinks he can rebuild via expiring contracts, he is also wrong. Most of the cap space will be spent on resigning Maxey, and you will waste another MVP caliber season from Joel Embiid.

Anyways, Samir out.